Thursday, April 22, 2010

Torpedos Going Up

© 2010 Hawaiian Falls / David Alvey

Hawaiian Falls has released new photos of the steel framework for the new four-story “Torpedo” thrill ride at Hawaiian Falls Mansfield reaching up toward the sky.

"Hawaiian Falls is the first waterpark in the world to install the Torpedo ride. The new thrill ride is being installed at all three Hawaiian Falls Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area locations, including Garland, The Colony, and Mansfield. Construction crews are racing against spring rains to get the ride completed for the parks’ openings Memorial Day weekend."

The Torpedo attractions will feature two slides coming off the tower, and riders will drop from a capsule at the top and race to the bottom at 40 m.p.h. The new rides are part of a $2.6 million investment in the Dallas/Fort Worth area parks.

For more photos of the construction, click here.


ShmeppyJ said...

The Hawaiian Falls Torpedos feature the same launch capsule used in the AquaLoops, supplied by WhiteWater West. They're going to be absolutely thrilling!