Monday, April 5, 2010

New Coaster Track at Lagoon

Now that Lagoon has opened for the 2010 season, visitors are able to get a peek at some interesting looking coaster track sitting at the park. A reader was kind enough to send in some shots they took of said track:

The track looks similar to that being used on Sky Rocket at Kennywood, and is even a very similar color. No firm details are out yet as to when this coaster would open, but rumors suggest it might not even be for next year yet.

Here's a shot of some construction going on inside the park - but we can't be sure it's even related to that coaster track seen above. The park is rumored to add a smaller family coaster next season, so this could possibly be for that.

Thanks very much to our reader for sending these, and we'll be sure to follow whatever Lagoon as up its sleeves!


Unknown said...

The Track looks similar to Crossbow from Bowcraft Playland

I've heard the park was planning to sell the ride, although it's still advertised on their website though

linearinduction said...

It's Brand New Track from Intermountain Lift in Springville, Utah, where all Premier Rides Track and Support Columns are Fabricated. The Support Columns Delivered last Fall and the Track Delivered over the past few weeks are not the same type as Crossbow. ;)