Friday, April 9, 2010

Old Hershey Park Expansion Concept Art

A while back a reader was kind enough to send in a photo of some old concept art that showed Hersheypark after a multi-year renovation and expansion plan. It was probably drawn in the early 1970s when they were still planning the major expansion/renovation. Well, in reality the park has expanded well beyond what is shown here, but not in the same way by any means.

Looking at what they have on there I first notice the park's entrance area - quite different from today. Outside the main gates is what looks like a sea animal stadium, as well as a performance venue of some sort. (both of which were eventually built inside the park's grounds) There's a building that could be the visitor's center, but I can't be sure.

The actual entrance does have the Tudor Square/Rhineland theme drawn that was built, but after that things are again quite different. Carousel Circle is a bit more Victorian looking than was built, with an elaborate structure around the actual ride. The Giant Wheel is drawn in bright red, and you can also see the large Gift Bard that the park planned to build.

Across from Comet Hollow (which is filled with various building and rides that do not look familiar to me) is a mine train located where SuperdooperLooper eventually opened. The park's Log Flume, which was built in the same area, can be seen over further in the park, more closely located on the hill where the Dolphin Stadium and Storm Runner's flying snake dive now are.

Up next to the Hersheypark Arena looks to be a large kiddie land, complete with what looks like some nicely themed rides. Check out those slides that look like they head directly under the pathway, too!

The entire park is also enclosed by the monorail track, with the station shown at the entrance to the facility, not located inside the park.

Pretty neat stuff, right? There's more details to spot - leave a comment if you find any!