Sunday, April 11, 2010

Scott And Carol Present - Kennywood Sky Rocket Construction

On our way home from Kings Dominion we dropped by a great traditional park near Pittsburgh.

There was a crane and some supportive looking pieces of steel in an area of the parking lot.

More than a few blue pieces of track were in another section of the parking lot.

Here, in the foreground, are some of the shortest support pieces we have ever seen.

Put some padding on top and this would make a great footstool!

This sections of track prove this coaster will travel any way but straight

Just dig a big whole in the ground, add some steel pipe and concrete and voila' you have a footer

One of the tough things is making sure it's in the right place.

And remember to set the bolts in place before you pour the concrete

Allow to set and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat...

Look closely and you will see some of these footers have sprouted supports and a piece of track.

This piece of track seems to have gotten "bent" out of shape waiting to be installed.

The curve at the picnic pavilion end is taking shape.

It looks weird, but they had to stop for the day somewhere!

This is one of the cranes used to set the sections of track and supports in place.

Here's a closer look at the "pavilion" turn.

Kennywood has chosen to used every a foot of space available, the column on the left is the outside fence.

Our thanks to the folks at Kennywood for letting us stop by, we're looking forward to riding Sky Rocket this season.


Brit said...

I was there yesterday, I've been stopping by there every week to check it out. My question is how is Pittsburgh on the way back from Kings Dominon? haha

NewsPlusNotes said...

Scott and Carol are just that dedicated - they made it be on the way back. :)

Carol said...

Actually, Carowinds was once on the way back from Kings Dominion to Indiana. Coasters transcend geography!