Friday, April 23, 2010

A Look at Luna Park

The New York Times ran a great article that takes a close look at both the new Luna Park opening at Coney Island is Spring, and also the ride manufacturer Zamperla.

Zamperla is investing some $15 million into Luna Park, supplying all of the 22 rides that will open there. Technically, Zamperla owns a majority share of Central Amusement International, a New Jersey company that signed the lease with the city to build the park.

The second phase of the project, known as the Scream Zone, is set to feature more thrilling rides including a couple roller coasters. The articles makes mention that one of Zamperla's launched MotoCoasters will be built there.

When all is said and done Luna Park and Scream Zone will be the ultimate show piece for Zamperla, showing off the classic rides as well as some never before seen. The new park opens in just 35 days on May 29th.