Monday, April 19, 2010

Sailing Into Morey's In 2010...

© Morey's Piers 2010

Morey's Piers has kept their word and not revealed what their big new attraction for 2010 is, but they certainly haven't stopped teasing us about it!

As work progresses on the attraction, the park has launched a new website for it, offering that on 5/29/10 guests can "be one of the first to embark on a terrifying journey through our newest attraction - sure to be a boardwalk classic." The project still has Ignis Fatuus all over it, though that's not expected to be the final name.

If you look at photos they've released, like the one above, via their Facebook account, it almost looks like they're building a huge ship of some sort. Perhaps those Ghost Ship rumors weren't too far off? Guess we'll know for sure on 5/29/10!

P.S. - If you're available to help Morey's out with a 40' tall, 15o'-180' veil to hide the progress of the work - check this out!