Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Amusing Ads Archive - Custom Coasters 1993

The Outlaw wooden roller coaster was the second big project for Custom Coasters International, and opened at Adventureland in 1993. The coaster, as per the ad, was designed for the entire family to ride, and was a huge success for the park.

The coaster itself is just under 70 ft. tall and about 2,800 ft. long, perfect dimensions for an exciting ride but still one that younger riders wouldn't be too scared to ride. The ride's 42 inch height requirement also helps smaller guests be able to take a spin, versus 48 inches for most wooden coasters.

1993/1994 were pretty much the end of the quiet period for Custom Coasters, as each year after that was pretty packed with new projects until the company's end in 2002.