Monday, April 5, 2010

Aerial Antics: Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags Great Adventure is jam packed with rides and attractions, all of which are fun to look at from the air - I suggest we get started!

Superman - Ultimate Flight opened at the park in 2003 in a portion of the parking lot. But, as you can see the area under the ride was transformed into pretty grass, rather then leaving the parking spaces. Good job!

The Great American Scream Machine sits prominently next to the parking lot as well. The ride features 7 inversions: 3 vertical loops, a Batwing, and a double corkscrew.

The park's Saw Mill Log Flume heads out of the park proper and onto that neat little undeveloped section of land. I love the older flumes like this one, so sad that they're starting to disappear.

This once was Medusa, but now it's Bizarro - featuring a slick new blue and purple color scheme. The B&M floorless coaster, regardless of name, has been giving rides since it's debut in 1999. You can also get a great look at the drive through Safari from the top of its lift hill!

As for big coasters - well Great Adventure has a lot of them now don't they? Here's one of, but not the biggest they offer - Nitro. The B&M hypercoaster stands 230 ft. tall and also heads well outside the main boundaries of the park.

The parks two wooden roller coasters sit very closely together - intertwined even. The amazing El Toro was just added in 2006, while Rolling Thunder dates back to 1979. It was pretty great how designers were able to use Rolling Thunder's 'infield' for the twisted finale of El Toro.

There is currently one section of the park that's a bit of a work in progress - part of that is seen here. On the left is the station and some theming that's left from the now removed Batman and Robin: The Chiller coaster. The building on the ride contains the Dark Knight, a themed indoor wild mouse style ride.

As if all those coasters weren't enough, Six Flags Great Adventure also features Hurricane Harbor, a large, modern water park right next door. This is where 2010's expansion is headed - a brand new Proslide Tornado ride.

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