Friday, April 16, 2010

The Ring of Fire

Clementon Amusement Park was teasing us for a bit now saying that something "hot" was coming to the park this year.

Well, turns out that hot new item is a Ring of Fire, a 60 ft. tall inverting thrill ride.

The new ride "takes twenty brave riders to the brink of breathlessness with every heart-pounding loop. Zipping up and over, backwards and forwards, even coming to a standstill upside down six stories up, this dazzling new attraction takes its daring participants on an exhilarating and unique ride-in-the-round.

Positioned at the Park front-and-center next to the main entrance, this spectacular loop will be a feast for the eyes, too, with its more than 2,000 synchronized twinkling lights setting the night aflame in glorious hues of yellow, red, orange and blue."

The park opens for it's 103rd season on Friday, May 28th.