Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dueling AquaLoops!

WhiteWater West has made another interesting slide announcement, this time the new attraction is Dueling AquaLoops. The AquaLoop slide is becoming more popular each year, with quite a few of them due to open this summer. The company is now stepping things up by making them duel - and in the process creating one visually stunning (and twisted) slide tower.

"Starting from a single tower, riders stand inside the launch capsules and await the countdown. 3…2…1…go! The floor drops and riders plunge 45 ft (17 m) down, accelerating to speeds of nearly 38 mph (60 Km/h), hurtling up and over the near-vertical loop as up to 2.5 G’s press their bodies against the flume before they splash into the runout."

The first Dueling AquaLoops, two sets of them actually, will debut at Wet'n'Wild Water World in Australia. I'm sure more parks will be quick to follow!

Learn more about the AquaLoop at WhiteWater West's website.