Friday, April 2, 2010

March Poll Results

March's NPN Poll was all about one of my favorite kind of coasters: the classic Arrow mine train.

After just shy of 400 votes, Cedar Point's Cedar Creek Mine Ride came out on top, with 26% of the total vote.

The coaster takes guests on a journey through Frontiertown, and travels over the water at one point as well. It's 2,500 ft. of track has been thrilling riders since 1969.

Second place, with 22% was the Mine Train at Six Flags Over Texas. This coaster is the oldest ride on our list, having opened back in '66.

The 'golden' coasters finished 3rd and 4th: Carolina Goldrusher at Carowinds with 13%, and Goldrusher at Magic Mountain with 12%. Fifth place went to the Runaway Mine Train at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Stay tuned for April's poll soon!