Monday, April 19, 2010

Scott And Carol Present - It's Time For Peanuts at Kings Island!

One of the hottest tickets in the Cincinnati-Dayton area last week looked just like this. It allowed you to get into the Preview of the new Planet Snoopy at Kings Island.

Proof that in planetary systems size matters, (remember Pluto?) Planet Snoopy features three roller coasters, an aerial tramway, assorted kiddie flat rides, and a Sally masterpiece.

The transformation was directed by Cedar Fair’s Design & Development and it required the removal of everything Nickelodeon and the addition of everything Peanuts.

The Peanuts franchise is celebrating its 60 year, and all of Cedar Fair has been invited to the party.

Familiar rides have been converted with bright colors and many name changes.

Some of the new names are merely cute.

Some are really good.

Others are great.

But the name and theming on the S & S Frog Hopper is awe inspiring. If ever a better name for this ride comes along, it will be amazing.

The crown jewel is the rehabbed Boo Blaster on Boo Hill. The artists at Sally Corp demonstrate once again why Sally is “the Dark Ride Company.” Being nervous all winter about what was going to happen to this ride, we shouldn’t have fretted.

Many of the same standards remain, but they are dressed up in new livery, and the new 3-D’ness, (is that a word?) really pops. Optional 3-D glasses are available in the queue but they are only necessary to wring every last bit of the attraction.

The “Boo Blasters” activate both visual and auditory stunts, and the variety of marksmanship will make re-riding a new experience. Beautiful colors and lots of action will keep family entertained for many trips.

Also available is the Dining with the Characters experience available at
many parks. Kings Island has one of the best venues with the former International Restaurant being utilized right above the gate. An extra charge option, at least two characters will visit with the families as parents feverishly snap photos of their kids getting hugs and “high fiving”the characters. A wonderful start to get the little ones a quick reward for being good on the drive to Kings Island.

We finish with an interview with the “worlds favorite beagle,” Snoopy himself. He wanted to give all the News Plus Notes readers the inside poop, err, scoop. He highly recommended arriving before the dog days of summer for a more enjoyable experience. When asked about his score on Boo Blasters, he sheepishly admitted that he was too scared to attempt that attraction. But he might if Lucy went along!

So Charlie and all his other friends will be there, why not you?