Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Beast Has Invaded Playland at the PNE

A thrilling new flat ride, named The Beast, was installed this past week at Vancouver's Playland at the PNE.  The Beast is a pendulum style ride created by KMG, and will swing riders up to 120 feet above the ground at over 50 miles per hour.  The ride is one of the more extreme versions of pendulum rides, which can be found at many parks.

© KMG Europe
The Beast has a custom paint job, including signage added at the top of the structure.  This photo comes directly from manufacturer KMG, and also reveals something unique about the ride.  If you look close you can see that two sets of the seats at the bottom of the arm face inward, and two sets face outward.  Different pendulum rides use both the inward and outward seating arrangement, but I haven't seen them combined on one ride yet.  That certainly adds an extra thrill to The Beast, and also increases the attraction's re-rideability factor.

Playland also documented the instillation of the new ride on their park blog, including a time lapse video and plenty of photos - check it out here!