Thursday, March 12, 2015

Baron 1898 Just Pieces Away From Completion

© Efteling
There's not much left to complete before Baron 1898, a new B&M designed dive coaster, will be complete at Efteling.  The ride reached it's highest point a couple weeks ago, giving us the full impression of the custom lift supports that were used on the ride.  And it looks great!  The coaster is themed to an old mining operation, with the lift hill supports customized to carry out that look.  Above is the top lift track being raised into place, you can also see the bottom of the drop already installed where the ride dips into a tunnel.

© Efteling
This image perfectly fits the ghostly theme of Baron 1898, and the theme park posted it to their Facebook to show off.  If you look through the fog you can see the Immelmann inversion that the trains navigate after the post-drop tunnel.  The track heads back toward the start of the ride after this inversion, encountering a zero-g roll and an upward helix before the ride ends.

Check out this gallery of photos that include the progress of the coaster though today, where it looks like half of the final helix is installed.  That means the ride could be completed in as soon as a couple days!