Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Simpsons Area Opens at Universal Studios Hollywood

© Universal Studios Hollywood
Many Universal Studios fans were impressed when the company's Florida park opened a real-life Springfield in 2013.  The expansion brought into reality many eateries and other buildings that we've seen countless times on the Simpsons, creating a vibrant and fun atmosphere outside the park's ride of the same name.

Now, Universal Studios Hollywood has just opened (soft opened, technically) their take on Springfield, an even more ambitious version of the famous fictitious town.  This one's big, quite large actually - with one main structure that is housed in a multitude of Simpsons facades, some including extra effects and goodies.

Guests can wonder into Krusty Burger, peek in Herman's Military Antiques, watch the nuclear plant have a brief meltdown, or grab a donut at Lard Lad's or a beer at Duff's.  There's some different offerings in Hollywood not found in Florida, and plenty of additional details as well - though food and beverage offerings remain the goal of the structures.  One could spend plenty of time just exploring the facades, especially if they're a fan of the series.

The size of the structure comes from the need to create a back-end of sorts to the under construction Wizarding World of Harry Potter, helping to seal off that land from the rest of the park while creating a fun new space.

To check out a tour of the new area, including great shots of all the jokes and gags, Inside Universal is offering up a fantastic photo set.