Sunday, March 22, 2015

Silver Dollar City Debuts Fireman's Landing as Part of "Biggest Family Year Ever!"

Representing an $8 million capital investment in the property, Silver Dollar City has opened an all-new themed area, Fireman's Landing, to its visitors.  The new area contains ten new family adventures, a little something for every age group, which is why the park is celebrating 2015 as its "biggest family year ever."

The expansion is themed to an 1880s volunteer firefighter recruitment celebration, "saluting the spirit and training activities of community volunteer firefighters."  Packed with rich detail and theming, Fireman's Landing is a worthy addition to the already highly regarded Silver Dollar City.

Seen above is the main courtyard area of the new section, with Firestation #3 prominently featured in the background.  The foreground shows a new water play area, the Firehouse Splash Yard - perfect for little ones to play in.

The inside of Firestation #3 is actually one of the new area's largest attractions, a multi-level play structure with three separate features.   Firefighter’s Fire Drill utilizes "buckets, pumpers, foam ball cannons and targets for showering mock fires," Firefighter’s Fire Escape is an obstacle course of tubes, mazes, climbing structures and slides, and Firefighter’s Junior Fire Escape is a soft play area for toddlers.  The inside of the Firestation is climate controlled so that on hot Summer days it will remain cool, and in the early and late season it will be warmer, as well.

Firestation #3 serves as a backdrop to the entire area, but reaching even higher into the sky is Firefall, a new thrill ride that's sure to please the teens and adults in the family.  The entrance to the new ride is located alongside of the station's main structure, just off to the right.

Firefall stands 90 feet tall and is a free-fall style ride.  It takes passengers up to the top of the tower, with feet dangling below their seats, and then blasts them downward.  It serves as the new area's 'big-kid' attraction, and guests are already lining up in droves to try it out.

Fireman's Landing also has a new mascot, a friendly pup named Lucky the Rescue Dog.  He also has his own ride themed after him, a small children's spinner named Lucky's Dizzy Dogs.

There are several other rides included in this expansion that families can ride together, or are meant just for smaller children.  Above is Up The Ladder, a mini-freefall that's aimed at children.  Notice how all the rides have received their own special theming to fit into the surroundings.

A patriotic theme can also be seen throughout Fireman's Landing, with red, white and blue a popular color choice.  Those are exactly what is featured on Fireman's Flyer, a kiddie swing ride seen here.

Finally, here is a view of Fire Spotter, a soaring balloon ride for the entire family.  This is another of the section's larger rides, and also features the patriotic color scheme just mentioned.  Fire Spotter is located just inside the entrance to Fireman's Landing, welcoming visitors as it twirls.

Fireman's Landing has brought Silver Dollar City's total number of rides and attractions to over 40, and also increases the park's total ride capacity to 21,000 riders per hour.  The expansion is now open, so if you want to be a recruit visit the park to sign up!

All photos © 2015 Silver Dollar City