Monday, March 16, 2015

New Video Shows Cannibal's First Test Run at Lagoon

Lagoon's massive, one of a kind roller coaster has had it's first test run, and boy what a ride it appears to be.  This video was just shot yesterday, and shows the coaster's car as it waits patiently at the top of the well-beyond-vertical first drop.  As the car begins its dive, the speed of Cannibal quickly becomes apparent, which can be seen carried through the ride.  The ending of the coaster looks particularly fast, with that final helix probably giving some intense forces!

Also worth pointing out is the car as it heads through the unique set of barrel rolls - only partially coming back to upright after the first inversion before quickly reversing direction and heading though another roll.  A great combination that I haven't seen before - like so many other aspects of this ride.

Thanks to Jordan for sharing the video with us!