Saturday, March 7, 2015

SeaWorld San Antonio Plans Major Expansion in 2016

An exciting expansion, described as "one of the largest single capital investments in the park's 27-year history," will being work this Spring at SeaWorld San Antonio.

A favorite part of guests' visits to the theme park has long been seeing the dolphins in their pool, and the park has decided to greatly improve this experience with a "revolutionary new area" for the friendly mammals.
While a new dolphin habitat was hinted at earlier, SeaWorld San Antonio has now unveiled the details of Discovery Point, which will double the size of the current dolphin area and allow guests to interact with the animals as well.

As described by the park, "the habitat will be dramatically transformed into two new ways to experience dolphins.  First, SeaWorld guests will finally be able to go beneath the water’s surface to see dolphins swimming and playing underwater.  Large viewing panes for underwater viewing will allow guests to see how these magnificent creatures swim, interact and play from an entirely new vantage point. But the most dramatic change to this area is the introduction of a new facility that will allow guests to swim with dolphins in a naturalistic environment.

© SeaWorld
Discovery Point will be very similar to parts of Orlando's Discovery Cove, including the interactive features and a lush, tropical setting.  When complete, the pool will hold more than 600,000 gallons of water and feature other improvements for the animals in the park's care.  In order to create such a drastic change, the park will close the Northern section of the park beginning March 23rd, including the current Dolphin Cove and the Shark & Coral Reef exhibits.

The new dolphin swim addition will be similar to what is offered at Discovery Cove, allowing guests to make paid reservations for the experience. 

Guests six years and up will be able to partake, starting with learning "about dolphin behavior and communication, along with SeaWorld's dolphin and research and rescue efforts.  After their classroom presentation and discussion on dolphins' natural history and physiology, guests will wade into shallow water and become acquainted with one of these fascinating, intelligent dolphins through close contact during this one-on-one dolphin encounter.  Then, taking the adventure one step further, guests can interact with their dolphin in deeper water for an exciting dorsal fin two ride back to shore."

While this addition won't come online until 2016, 2015 still holds plenty new for SeaWorld San Antonio.

© SeaWorld San Antonio
This Spring an all new sea lion exhibit will open in a new area named Pacific Point Preserve.  Themed as a Pacific coastal town, the area will feature a renovated sea lion exhibit with interactive aspects, a brand new show named "Clyde & Seamore's Sea Lion High," and a new restaurant named the Harbor Market.  Read more about this year's expansion on the park's official website.