Monday, March 2, 2015

Knoebels' Impulse Reaches Highest Point!

© Knoebels
Last week Knoebels topped out Impulse, the park's new for 2015 roller coaster.  The absolutely striking colors of the ride, in addition to its steel track and inversions, have forever changed the park's skyline - for the better!  Here we see the recently completed vertical lift hill that rises to 98 feet above the ground, and the 90 degree drop that immediately follows it.

© Knoebels
The base of the lift hill can be seen here, with the ride's vertical loop in the background.  As riders begin their ascent they will pass directly under the entrance to Impulse' final inversion, a heartline twist.  Hopefully different trains will pass one another at this point, which would be pretty neat if the timing is right!

© Knoebels
This wide angle shows off most of the track and supports that were installed as of the end of this past week.  The lift, drop, cobra roll, vertical loop, heartline roll and helix finale were all in place.  This only leaves the 180 degree turn after the vertical loop and a helix before the roll yet to be installed - and at the pace this ride has been going up that'll be done in no time!

That final helix looks like it could give some great g-forces!  I just love the coaster's colors, especially set against the picturesque mountain background.  If you click over to the Impulse website and watch the timelapse video from the 26th you can watch as the lift track and supports go up.