Wednesday, March 18, 2015

SeaWorld Launches New "Meet The Animals" Media Campaign

© SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc.
The SeaWorld Parks across the country have launched a broad new media campaign, "Meet The Animals," that aims at highlighting the "up-close, personal encounters with sea life" that the properties offer to visitors.

The new ads feature the various species in SeaWorld's care, and gives an entertaining look at some of their unique personality characteristics.  This first add, featuring Leon - who lives at SeaWorld San Antonio - lets us know, for instance, that "he is known in sea lion circles as the 'close talker.'"

"SeaWorld opened its doors with a simple mission: to 'open a new dimension in human knowledge and understanding of the undersea world and its inhabitants,'" said ‎Peter Frey, Senior Marketing Officer of SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. "'The Meet the Animals' campaign takes SeaWorld back to these roots and emphasizes the power of a visit to make a lasting connection between animals and people."

The tagline for the campaign is "Real. Amazing." which further emphasizes the fact that these types of encounters can't be had on a tv, computer, tablet or any of today's popular devices.  The ads will be focused on same-day attendance markets, and appear in print, on television and other outlets.

The media comes as SeaWorld San Diego just rescued its 475th animal this year, breaking a previous record held in 1983.  Many of the animals being rescued are sea lion pups, which are showing up on local beaches stranded, malnourished and in life-threatening conditions.  The park has actually put their popular sea lion show on hiatus so that all trainers and staff can assist in the rehabilitation efforts of the saved mammals.  For more information on SeaWorld Cares, follow this link.