Sunday, March 29, 2015

Adventureland's Turbulence Coaster Now Complete

© Adventureland
We didn't see much over the Winter month's about Adventureland's (on Long Island, New York) new roller coaster, Turbulence, however the ride is now complete.

The park has released a few photos of the custom design ride, including the one of the completed track (above) just a few days ago.  The ride's electric color scheme makes it nearly impossible not to notice, something I'm sure the park is happy about.

© Adventureland
This photo was from a week earlier, when all of the ride's lower track was set, and just the lift hill and crown needed to be put into place.  The ride's first drop dives downward and then immediately up into a large wave turn, seen prominently in the first photo.  Turbulence is manufactured by Mack Rides and is one of their custom spinning coasters.  There's only a handful of these around the globe, including Sierra Sidewinder at Knott's Berry Farm and Space Fantasy at Universal Studios Japan.

© Adventureland
Adventureland also shared this photo of the ride's cars, which have been delivered to the property.  Turbulence will have two trains, each with three cars - each car seats four riders, two forwards and two backwards.

In anticipation of Turbulence's opening, Adventureland has started a first-rider event, with proceeds going to charity.  Read more about that, and Turbulence, at this link.