Sunday, March 15, 2015

Knoebels' Impulse Complete + Trains Begin Arriving

© Knoebels
Late last week Knoebels added the final piece of Impulse, connecting the nearly 2,000 feet of track as one circuit.  The construction of the new roller coaster went really quickly, though the park has said that it was fully assembled overseas before even being shipped to the park - so one would assume things would go smoothly!

© Knoebels
The trains for Impulse also started to arrive just recently, here we see on of the first being unloaded from shipping.  Impulse has been manufactured by Zierer, and will utilize three of these cars - each seating eight riders.  The car's blue and green colors will look great set against the coaster's neon yellow track and royal blue supports.

© Knoebels
Some of the Knoebels' crew was so excited that the cars arrived that they couldn't wait to sit in them!  I love this photo because it shows off the wonderful lap bar restraints that the cars use, freeing the riders to have a clear view up top. 

According to this story, Knoebels plans to have Impulse ready to go on the park's opening day, which is April 25th this year.  That's just about six weeks from now!