Saturday, March 28, 2015

New Gerstlauer "Infinity" Coaster Opening in Finland

Finland's PowerPark will open "Junker" this Summer, a brand new Gerstlauer designed Infinity coaster.  What is an Infinity coaster?  Well I didn't know either, but apparently it is the company's line of coasters that are like The Smiler at Alton Towers - meaning quite twisted, using individual cars and a lift, launch, or both!

Junker will just use one launch, sending cars toward an inverted 131 foot tall top hat at over sixty miles per hour.  The rest of the ride gets a bit convoluted, so perhaps take a look at this layout first:

This comes from Coasters and More - a great European site that always has some of the best news and images around.

So the coaster will complete the inverted top hat, then dive into what looks like a Norwegian Loop at first glance, but it isn't.  It is actually a dive loop immediately followed by a fat-looking vertical loop.  And interesting mix!  After another climb and brief pause, the trains dive into a cut-back, another dive loop, a corkscrew and a final helix before the brakes kick in.  The track spans over 2,800 feet from start to finish.

In addition to a new page for Junker with a press release, there are two webcams that have been set up to see the coaster going up.  Although it was night when this was taken, you can still see that a significant amount of Junker is up!  With a very unique layout and a newer ride system being used, this could be one of the sleeper hits of the year.