Wednesday, March 4, 2015

First Fury 325 Run Complete + Official POV Video

Congratulations to Carowinds on the successful first test run of Fury 325, which took place late this afternoon.  The ride, of course, completed the track without issue, marking the start of the exciting testing phase that will last until the coaster opens later this month.

Best of all, the park filmed the early test run and that means we now have an official point of view video of the coaster!

Designed as a coaster that is meant to show off extreme speed of the ride, Fury 325 appears to deliver.  And it's worth noting that all rides speed up after they break in, meaning there's even more in store!

There are a lot of highlights to this ride, including the unique turn around which plunges down under this bridge...

Which looks like an incredible head-chopper moment!  I love that the park decided to use the honeycomb shape again here in the tunnel - I can't wait to see what they have planned for this area at night.

Carowinds, and Fury 325, are scheduled to open for the 2015 season on March 28th!