Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Efteling's Latest Look at Baron 1898 Construction

The custom designed Bolliger & Mabillard dive coaster at Efteling "Baron 1898" may not have much track in place, but the project is already impressive.

The video above was just released by the theme park, showing off how they researched old mining operations to get a realistic theme for the coaster.  Efteling is known for the heavy level of theming for their newer attractions, often on par or even above Disney/Universal levels. (some examples of this - especially the Flying Dutchman water/coaster ride - can be found here)  Efteling appears to be trying to one up themselves with Baron, at least if the content of this video is any indication.

Work on the new roller coaster's station has been the focus thus far, though footings for the rest of the layout are underway or already completed as well.  With such a heavy layer of detail being applied to the queue and station, I'm not surprised they're focusing on it first.  There's a few additional recent photos of the station in this thread as well.

While I'm not expecting an especially long or involved layout, I'm still looking forward to seeing the rest of the coaster go up.


Rue Efteling said...

Three queue lines for this attraction: standard, single rider, first row. 2 preshows, one with the "baron" Gustave Hoogmoed. No Dutch language in the preshows, for easy to understand for foreigners. Infos from the French blog Rue Efteling ;)