Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Quassy Gets Frantic - New Ride Now Testing

Quassy Amusement Park is super excited about all their additions for the 2015 season, but especially Frantic, a new inverting thrill ride.

The park has actually already set up the ride in its new home at the park, and just recently got the ride up and running:

It was great that the park filmed the ride in action during the evening - this really shows off the amazing light package that Frantic has.  The entire midway surrounding the ride will be lit up at night!

Frantic is a "Twist'n Swing 360" made by VISA International, and will take riders on full 360 degree rotations while spinning them at the same time.  The ride is capable of running a non-inverting ride program as well, though the park expects that guests will want to head upside down!

Quassy Amusement Park will also add the Collidoscope kiddie bumpers cars next year as part of their 2015 expansion.