Sunday, December 7, 2014

Shanghai Disneyland's Addition to the Disney Parks Mountain Range

© Shanghai Disneyland
Shanghai Disneyland's second tallest structure (behind the Enchanted Storybook Castle) has been topped off - a mountain range that will be a part of the Roaring Rapids ride.  The ride will in the Adventure Isle section of the park, though no real concrete details of the attraction have been released.

The mountain appears to form a barrier to the outside of the park, lining a big part of land.  This photo of it topped out but still under construction reminds me a lot of watching the mountain range of Cars Land go up several years back.

Hopefully the base of the mountain will contain some indoor sections for the Roaring Rapids ride, with some neat scenes along with it.  Since the full theme of the ride is unknown, it is still a mystery as to what may take place in there.

On another note, look how pretty the Shanghai sky is?  Yikes - I hope it was an overcast day and that's not all smog!