Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Italy's Newest B&M Coaster Now Complete

Garadaland has completed the trackwork for their latest Bolliger & Mabillard roller coaster, a dive coaster with an as-yet unknown name.  There's probably more information on the ride and its theme available on the park's website, but I don't speak Italian and thus have no idea what's going on in these videos!

Anyway, crews had installed the lift, first drop, initial tunnel and a teeny tiny Immelmann a while ago, but there was still some mystery surrounding the rest of the ride's layout.

© Gardaland
These new photos have been released by Garaland and show off all the 'goods' that the ride has to offer.  After the bite-sized Immelmann, the trains will hop over a very nicely sharp looking air-time hill... with the hopes that it really will give a good amount of air! We shall see on that one.

The trains will then navigate a very tight helix, remaining suspiciously high off the ground while in the heavily banked element.  Then, as many predicted, the ride will have a second inversion - what appears to be a corkscrew that is almost stretched out enough to be called a heartline roll.  A quick final turn and the brakes are next.

© Gardaland
Here's the real beauty shot, the ride's full layout from some location above the ground.  You can see a great keyhole 'near miss' element being installed after the Immelmann, as well. 

The ride is fairly short, and estimated to be around 140 feet tall... nothing huge but still a great idea for a park of Garaland's size.  I personally love the vertical dive on these B&M rides, and even though it's not 200+ feet tall I think it'll be a great thrill.  Wish a smaller U.S. park would build something similar!