Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New Tidbits on Knott's Voyage to the Iron Reef

This clip is from a Canadian news program, specifically one from Montreal which means it's in French.  It's all about Triotech and the rides they've created, but mixed in are some cool tidbits about Knott's Berry Farm's new attraction, Voyage to the Iron Reef.

The video is not in high definition, so unfortunately these screen grabs are rather blurry.  Above is a shot of one of Triotech's employee's computer, which appears to be working on the animation for the under sea portion of the ride.  Not too exciting, but worth pointing out is the giant Roaring 20's sign that can be seen in the animation.  That sign as recently removed from the top of the building that Voyage to the Iron Reef will be located in - a pretty cool thing to include!

Another shot shows off the attraction's layout, which uses most of the upstairs portion of the building, except for the part that houses Johnny Rockets.  The layout at first glance might not seem too impressive, but you have to remember that the point of this is to have long, somewhat continuous screens on either side of the ride path.  Plus, when you look at the layout of Wonder Mountain's Guardian:

You an suddenly see that it is not very impressive looking, either.  And Voyage to the Iron Reef will have a longer gaming ride time than Guardian does, so it will make good use of that condensed ride space.

The video actually has some really great footage of Wonder Mountain's Guardian, including great angles of the "surprise" ending that I'm not sure is much of a surprise anymore.  You can see the screen's footage and lights change, special effects go off and the final plunge take place.