Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pair of New Slides Underway at Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas

© Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas
The slide tower that was delayed from the 2014 grand opening season of Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas is currently being built at the water park, and what a complex it is!  Above is the framing for the bottom portion of the Wild Surf slide, a unique creation from Polin.

The rafts will depart the slide tower in the background, meander down a relatively calm path and then drop into the giant half-pipe from the left.  The rafts will seat several riders per trip, and that weight will help them to soar high up the opposite wall, across what the park describes as "the world's largest man-made wave."

© Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas
The angle of the entry drop will allow the rafts to cover the length of the half-pipe, crisscrossing over the wave as they go.  Each trip will take them back up one of the giant wave walls, until finally heading into an exit tunnel.

The yellow and teal slide that you can also see in the above photo is the Beach Blanket Banzai, a more traditional family raft slide.  It will be intertwined with Wild Surf, and both slides utilize the same start tower and exit area.

The new slides join the list of attractions at Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas, which include several other slide towers, a giant wave pool, lazy river and more.  The park's 2015 season is scheduled to start at the end of March.