Saturday, December 13, 2014

Even More New Must-See Cannibal Photos

© Lagoon
I know that I just posted about Lagoon's new Cannibal roller coaster this past Wednesday, but the park just uploaded a new batch of photos of the ride that are not to be missed.  For example, the one above of the beyond vertical first drop - from directly underneath it - is fairly jaw-dropping if you ask me!

© Lagoon
There are also several photos from the top of the ride's vertical lift tower, giving us a 'view from the top.'  The park also recently completed the ride's first inversion, which was missing its top track pieces earlier in the week.  Also of note is the uncovered theming that has been created over top of the ride's tunnel - looks impressive and high quality.  Can't wait to see even more of Cannibal go up!