Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New Views Show Off Lagoon's Cannibal Coaster Progress

© Standard Examiner
Lagoon's new Cannibal roller coaster is looking as fierce as ever, with crews now having completed the ride's beyond vertical first drop.  You can't see the top of the first drop in the above photo, a part of this story from the Standard Examiner, but it's pretty intense looking!

The cars will move outward on horizontal track after the top of the tower lift hill, then begin their dive at what is said to max out at 116 degrees.  The tower is over 200 feet tall, so the anticipation before that first drop is going to be legendary.  The base of the first drop dips into a below grade tunnel with some theming currently being installed on top of it.

The park has also been working on installing the very tall inversion that takes place after the first drop, a half-loop roll combination with a fairly unique shape.

Photos of the ride under construction can be found on this Facebook page (including a few older aerial views), this gallery from a few days ago, and the Cannibal thread on Lagoon Is Fun.  Check them all out!