Thursday, December 25, 2014

Scott And Carol Present - An Old Time Christmas At Silver Dollar City

An Old Time Christmas celebration at Silver Dollar City has received national acclaim as one of the best places to celebrate the holiday with your family. The citizens go over the top to change centuries with over five million lights.

So lets get the obligatory "Frozen" reference out of the way, but in this show Frosty upstages Olaf.

Here is a few of the highlights, and watch how adeptly the cast switches gears when the plan goes awry.

Silver Dollar City's adaptation of "A Christmas Carol" is so popular that guests line up for hours before the doors open. Winning many awards, we would visit every year for this show if we didn't have to travel so far.

The lavish sets and special effects set this show apart from normal theme park offerings.

The  fourteen members of the cast are fantastic and to think they can put this together with less than a month of rehearsals shows the depths of their talent. They are truly phenomenal.

Here a few of the highlights. One of the special things about the show is that the music is all performed by a live band, a specialty of many Hershend Family Entertainment Company productions. It adds a lot of energy to the performance.

Silver Dollar City also has an adaptation of "It's A Wonderful Life, another Broadway style show.

Although the original movie was not a musical, this production contains many elaborate musical numbers.

Clarence finally gets his wings. The original movie was voted the #1 "Inspirational Film of All Time by the American Film Institute.

These are the highlights

Rudolph's  Holly Jolly Christmas Parade kick's off with everyone's favorite Bumble!

Many of the characters from Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer appear throughout the park, as well as the parade.

Of course, no Christmas Parade is complete without Santa Claus.

This float is similar to some billboards we saw on the way.

Here are all of the million lights in Rudolph's Holly Jolly Christmas Light Parade.

The rule is, if it doesn't move, put lots of lights on it. If it moves, figure out how to put lots of lights on it. They start stringing the lights in August.

Families can become gingerbread men,

or just enjoy the many light vistas available through the park. Many of the lights are visible from the rollercoasters, the Giant Swing, and the train.

The fifty-foot tall Christmas Tree in Main Street has over 250,000 lights, and performs at least three different shows. Here is one of them. Some of the surrounding trees also are synchronized with the music.

Silver Dollar City helps everyone to remember the reason for the season,

and gives a not so subtle hint for what families can do throughout the holidays. Many thanks to all the citizens of Silver Dollar City for their assistance in bringing this to you. We spent a day and a half at the park, but couldn't do it all, there is so much to see. May all the News Plus Notes readers have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.