Friday, December 26, 2014

Busch Gardens Williamsburg's New 'Ride' Nearly Complete

A similar ride © Premier Rides
It looks like the possibility of Busch Gardens Williamsburg's new 'ride' being completed just after the start of the new year is becoming stronger.

BGW Fans posted an update from just before the holiday showing how much progress has been made on both of the ride's towers.  With the support towers nearly complete, there is really only the top of the first tower to go, and then the largely unsupported middle sections of the ride.  Probably quick work for construction crews, which have been installing the coaster for several weeks now.

One thing I noticed in the new batch of photos is that the supports for the second tower, the one that interacts with the faux loop, are different than on other similar rides.  There are additional supports on the side of the tower that hold onto the top of the non-inverting loop and also extend upward to the not-yet-installed heartline roll.  Interesting to see more supports added to this newer design, since part of the awe of the original was just how unsupported most of the ride looked.

Hopefully the park announces this attraction soon, so we can stop calling it a mystery ride!