Monday, December 1, 2014

That First Step is a Doozy!

© Michael Fehnel
Better be careful, that first step is a doozy!  Carowinds' General Manager got a view of Fury 325's construction from a cool 250 feet in the air today, and showed off these impressive photos afterward.

The park was busy placing pieces of the monster-sized Bolliger and Mabillard giga coaster's first drop all day today, ending with only the top of the lift and crown yet to be set in place.

That view down the first drop is terrifying, but in a good great way.  The first plunge is taken by the 32 passenger trains at 81 degrees, a mere 9 degrees away from vertical.  Trains will speed along at around 95 miles per hour following the drop.

© Michael Fehnel
Here's a shot of the small space left between the lift hill and the installed drop, and the horizon way off in the distance.  I believe an additional piece of drop was lifted into place after this photo was taken, further closing the gap.  I would believe that the final segments will go up already assembled, since there will be no direct support under them.  Hopefully this week!