Friday, December 12, 2014

Dinosaurs Invade Lake Compounce + Another New Carowinds Ride

© Lake Compounce
New England's Lake Compounce amusement park has announced Dino Expedition as the property's new 2015 attraction.

There's no mention of the addition on the park's website just yet, though the park did share the news on Twitter today.  There aren't too many facts available, other than the dinosaur exhibit will feature 14 creatures, and what sounds like a fossil digging area.  As suspected, the location of Dino Expedition will be near the Zoomerang roller coaster.

Last season Dutch Wonderland added a similar attraction, with both parks being owned by Palace Entertainment.  That addition turned out very nice, so I would have good expectations for Lake Compounce's addition.

© Carowinds
As if Fury 325, major parking changes and a brand new entrance (plus new dining and entertainment) wasn't enough, Carowinds has decided to bring one more attraction online for 2015.

The park announced the addition of Slingshot this week, a ride which launches two riders in a small capsule up to well over 300 feet in the sky - at around 60 miles per hour.  That's faster than several of the park's roller coasters travel!

The new ride will be located in Vortex Plaza, and is being manufactured by FunTime.  Cedar Point added one of these rides this past year, so I take it that it was a success!  Slingshot will be an extra charge attraction at the park.