Saturday, April 5, 2014

Storm Chaser Going Up at Adventureland

© Adventureland
Iowa's Adventureland theme park is adding a towering new thrill ride for the 2014 season, named Storm Chaser.  Costing the park around $3 million to construct, Storm Chaser is being built by Mondial Rides of the Netherlands.  The attraction will take guests up a 250 foot tower in chair-swing seats, legs dangling freely.  At the top, the arms will swing riders at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.  For those familiar with the set of WindSeeker rides at Cedar Fair parks, Storm Chaser will be a similar ride.

© Adventureland
Just this past week Adventurland set the base piece of Storm Chaser into place.  The park picked a bold yellow color for the whole tower, making it stand out among the park's other rides.  Storm Chaser will have a brilliant light system, making watching the ride at night an attraction of its own.

With vertical construction now well under way, Adventureland is planning a June opening for Storm Chaser.


John Brooks said...

So this is the first Windseeker being constructed by Mondial outside of the Cedar Fair Chain? Interesting how another amusement park company would have on installed knowing that there are small flaws with the ride. I rode the one at Canada's Wonderland back in May 2012 and did not overly enjoy it especially since it was 300 feet in the air and almost stopped. Hopefully Adventureland has better luck with theirs than Cedar Fair did with theirs. Also Worlds of Fun's Windseeker, Steel Hawk is the first Windseeker to be located after operating at Knott's Berry Farm for a very short time. I wonder how they got rid of theirs?