Friday, April 11, 2014

Mardi Gras Has Arrived at Six Flags America

© Six Flags America
Last weekend was the first time that visitors to Six Flags America got to experience the park's new Mardi Gras themed section.  The area, which has been renovated and rethemed for this season, contains two new rides to the park and several others that have been renamed.

The French Quarter Flyers are a set of Larson Flying Scooters, a brand new ride for Six Flags America.  Riders will be able to control the swing of their vehicle, making the attraction highly repeatable.  Though complete, the new ride isn't open just yet.  Beyond the French Quarter Flyers in the top photo is the renamed Voodoo Drop, the park's Intamin free fall.

The new coaster in Mardi Gras, Ragin' Cajun, was also not quite ready for opening day but shouldn't be too far off.  The entire area, including shops and games, received new facades to fit with the new theme, and also breathes new life into the park.  Ragin' Cajun is located where the park's former Two Face coaster once stood. has a nice gallery of the new section, showing off just what's changed and new.  Head over and check it out.