Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Thunderbolt Coaster Going Up at Luna Park

If you look in the center of this photo, you can see that the vertical lift hill and drop support tower is now in place for the all-new Thunderbolt roller coaster at Luna Park.

This somewhat fuzzy photo was grabbed from a live webcam that keeps tabs on the rides in Coney Island.  The new Thunderbolt is going up just beyond the current Scream Zone section, which features the red and blue Soarin' Eagle flying coaster.  Thunderbolt, after plunging down the first drop, will run the length of the block away from the ocean, occupying a very thin but long parcel of land.

© Luna Park
Luna Park has been showing off the progress of the new Thunderbolt via social media for some time now.  Above are two photos they released of the coaster's foundations being created.  The second photo also shows off plenty of supports being placed around the site in preparation of being put in place.

The $10 million Thunderbolt is slated to be ready for a Memorial Day weekend grand opening, so I would expect to see this ride go up very quickly from this point forward!