Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Wonder Mountain's Guardian Photos Show Ride's Coaster Side

© Canada's Wonderland
Canada's Wonderland has released a few new photos of Wonder Mountain's Guardian, and they're making it pretty clear that the new interactive dark ride will have some roller coaster aspects to it.

The shot above is of the ride's lift hill, which takes place outside the mountain.  The track being installed starts to turn back toward the mountain where at some point the cars will enter it.

© Canada's Wonderland
If I had no idea Canada's Wonderland was building a dark ride and you showed me this photo I would be excited because of the new coaster going up!  From this angle there is little that does not make this look like a traditional roller coaster lift hill!

© Canada's Wonderland
Here is the finished lift hill and first turn - how I wish that tree on the left would get out of the way!  I really want to see what happens next... it looks like the track may be starting to dip but it is a bit hard to tell due to the angle of the photo.

Having never been to the park these photos have also helped me place where the ride is going, I think.  Well, duh, obviously in the mountain but I mean the lift and outside track.  I did the above in 30 seconds so please don't make fun, but that's what I'm gathering from these new photos.  I would think that the track will head into the mountain before encountering the lift hill for Vortex, but I can't be sure.

I'm as excited as ever now for this project... especially because it may eventually be built at other Cedar Fair parks.  Can't wait to see more.