Monday, April 21, 2014

Sky Scream Opens at Holiday Park

Premier Rides President Jim Seay with Plopsa CEO Steve Van den Kerkhof and Holiday Park Manager Bernd Beitz celebrate the successful opening of Sky Scream.  © Premier Rides
Premier Rides has supplied a new roller coaster, named Sky Scream, to Germany's Holiday Park.  The thrilling ride recently opened and as a part of its dark underworld theming both the living and the "undead" were among the first to try out the ride.

Sky Scream is Europe's first coaster to feature three magnetic launches, which are needed to push the train to the top of the tower.  The ride sits in a small area, but extends to a maximum height of over 150 feet above the ground.  The three launches actually include two going forward and one in reverse, done as the train rocks along the track before heading to the apex.

Sky Scream © Premier Rides
At the top of the ride passengers are treated to a full heartline inversion before diving down vertically into several 360-degree horizontal twists.  Holiday Park worked with Premier Rides to ensure that Sky Scream would be open for the park's Aprill 11th season start, and those plans were followed through without a hitch.

Mr. Steve Van den Kerkhof, CEO of Holiday Park owner Plopsa Group commented that "our goal is to inspire and attract adrenaline fans to the park.  We wanted a signature attraction that would have impact and we are pleased to have partnered with Premier Rides to build Sky Scream.  This coaster is sure to satisfy even the most fearless thrill-seeker.”

For more information on Holiday Park, check out their official website.