Thursday, April 17, 2014

Miracle Strip @ Pier Park: Open For Business!

© Miracle Strip @ Pier Park
While many folks were up in Ohio today testing out a certain new coaster (more on that later), another substantial opening took place as well.  Miracle Strip @ Pier Park announced on their Facebook page that as of 3:32 p.m. they were officially open for business!

The park has completed the move from their old location down the street into their much roomier site.  Along with moving all the rides they previously had, the park added to their collection - doubling their offerings when all was said and done.  We spoke to the park about their plans earlier this year, if you missed that here is a link.

Miracle Strip @ Pier Park was already planning a grand opening celebration for the 18th, but have moved that back to the 19th due to a less than desirable weather forecast.  I know if I lived in the area I'd be making a trip out to see the new park!

Many congratulations to the park on their accomplishment, and we look forward to what is sure to be a bright future, including a new version of the famous Starliner wooden coaster in 2015.