Sunday, April 27, 2014

From The Vault: Classic Dorney Park Photo

This From The Vault item isn't actually from my vault at all, instead it comes to us directly from Dorney Park.  While getting ready to celebrate the park's 130th anniversary, Dorney Park officials went digging through the archives and found a wealth of old photographs of the park.  Lucky for us they were kind enough to share - a full look at them will come later this Summer.

© Dorney Park
I did want to share this photo as a bit of a preview, however.  I love this shot for various reasons, one of which is that there is so much going on in it!

This is the lower section of the park, with Cedar Creek running through it.  The Zephyr train ride, which has had so very many paint schemes through the decades, is running along it and the famous Rockets are swinging high over head.  In the background is the yellow wooden supports of Thunderhawk, though when this was taken it would have just been called the Coaster.  In the background the elaborate facade for Journey to the Center of the Earth can be seen, which was the spooky theme given to the original Mill Chute ride.  Finally, standing above it all is the white Parking Tower, which signaled the official entry to the property for hundreds of thousands of cars.


Matt W said...

DP's Media/Guest Relations is very good. When Hercules was torn down I asked if they had any old pics of the ride. They sent me printed pics from the media kits. Also a few other random shots. They then mailed me a piece of Hercules!

They are very nice!!