Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Views of Wonder Mountain's Guardian + A New Waterslide?

© Canada's Wonderland
This past weekend Canada's Wonderland was open for a private event and that means that park guests were able to see Wonder Mountain's Guardian up close for the first time.

The park recently showed off some new photos of the ride's very coaster-like lift hill and first turn, and the Matcom Group, who is involved with the attraction's construction, also released some interesting photos.

© The Matcom Group
This is one of the recently added photos from the Matcom Group, which shows the ride's "first drop," which really is more of a shallow dip than a big drop.  Still, the fact that the cars navigate such traditional coaster track and elements really does help the argument that this ride could be called a coaster.

CWFansite was at the private event and has put up a huge gallery of photos from the day.  They show off Wonder Mountain's Guardian from many perspectives, but a special treat are photos of the ride's cars.  While not traditional coaster cars in any sense, the vehicles seat four guests (two back to back) and are paired in sets of two.  So it appears as though a "train," if you will, will take 8 passengers through the ride at a time.  Click here to check out CWFansite's photos.

Topsy Turvy at Ontario Place © National Post
Also some interesting news just popped up that the park may be installing a new waterslide this year, possibly the "topsy turvy" attraction formerly at Ontario Place.  That park built the slide, never opened it, and then permanently shut down.  The ride appears to be a set of Tantrum slides from Proslide, and recent reports say that one of the park's radio commercials are advertising the new attraction.  There have been reports that the slide's pieces have been seen at Canada's Wonderland, but until the park confirms if the new slide is topsy turvy we will have to classify this one as a rumor.