Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kentucky Kingdom Building Nation's Tallest Body Slide

Kentucky Kingdom's press machine is running at full force these days, and I for one think that's a great thing.  The park is working quite hard to get the word out about their upcoming grand reopening, and not missing a single opportunity to let folks know their latest plans.

The park has been constructing the tower for Deep Water Dive, which at 121 feet will be the tallest body slide in the U.S. when complete.  In order to complete the top of the tower one of the runways at the nearby airport had to be temporarily shut down.  It is not every day that a water slide this tall shuts down part of an airport, so naturally this made for several news stories.

Deep Water Dive is only one of several all new water slides opening at Kentucky Kingdom's Hurricane Bay water park.  The new slide towers will dot the landscape of a much larger water area, complete with a new adventure river and family wave lagoon.

The grand opening of Kentucky Kingdom will take place in less than a month on May 24th.