Monday, April 7, 2014

Action Park Returns to New Jersey

Action Park is returning to New Jersey in 2014!  Once know for having the wildest, and at times most dangerous, water park attractions, Action Park was a staple of summers for millions of visitors in the '80s and '90s.

Action Park originally operated until 1996, when a number of factors led to its demise.  The park and surrounding resort (including skiing in the winter) were later purchased and the water park reopened as Mountain Creek Waterpark.   Many of the original slides were tamed down or removed, and other activities stricken from the grounds.  The park has operated quietly ever since, adding new slides every so often - but working to move away from the stigma that surrounded the Action Park name.

Now the owners have decided to bring the name back, perhaps for publicity, again naming the water area Action Park.  In the media they have said that it is partially to honor a new looping water slide attraction, which hearkens back to the original looping slide Action Park was home to.

As for that new attraction, seen above it is being advertised as the "world's tallest double looping" water slide.  I'm not sure exactly how tall it would have to be to break that record, and also whether or not the "double looping" part means the tallest with two loops.  It also remains to be seen if this will be a Proslide SuperLoop with a horizonal loop, or a WhiteWater AquaLoop, which has a raised, though not vertical, loop.

Either way it will be interesting to see if the name change works for the park, or if the bad reputation will return once again.