Monday, April 28, 2014

Falcon's Fury Face-Down Freefall Point of View

Curious about what a ride on Busch Gardens Tampa's Falcon's Fury will be like?  Wonder no more!  The park has released this point of view video of the ride experience, including the pulse pounding face-down freefall drop.

I think that almost even more frightening than the actual drop will be the moment you feel the seats begin to move from the sitting to face-down position.  You're already up so high, admiring the view or perhaps praying for the ride to end, and then suddenly the seats being to pull upward... chilling yet exciting!

Also of note is how quickly the seats pull back up once the cars get toward the bottom of the tower.  That movement is sure to add to the experience.

No official opening date for Falcon's Fury has been released, but the park promises to keep us updated as testing continues.