Sunday, April 6, 2014

Splish Splash Announces New Splash Battle Ride for 2014

Splish Splash water park, located on Long Island, NY, has announced a new splash battle style attraction for the park's 2014 season.  Named The Battle of Mutiny Bay, the attraction - commonly found in theme parks - will add to the unique selection of rides that Splish Splash is known for.

Seated in brightly colored boats, riders use water-spray “cannons” to blast other boats as well as spectators roaming the perimeter. The excitement is enhanced by shoreline guests returning splash-blasts with water cannons fixed along the perimeter of the attraction.  The boats will travel along a 300 foot path over a lagoon containing 185,000 gallons of water.  This style of ride has become very popular at parks across the globe, though this is the first water park instillation that I am aware of.  It's a great idea though, since both riders and those on the ground have the potential to get soaked!

Splish Splash is already hard at work on The Battle of Mutiny Bay, seen above.  Just last year Splish Splash opened Bootlegger's Run, a large water roller coaster that can be seen also be seen in the photo above.  The park has been adding some very unique slides in recent years, creating a line up of rides that is hard to beat.