Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Newest B&M Coaster - In India

I'm man enough I think!  India's newest theme park, named Adlabs Imagica is also the home to the newest Bolliger and Mabillard instillation, a floorless coaster named Nitro.  The park just opened in April 2013 and is home to a selection of modern rides that are unusual when compared to existing attractions in the country.

The park is themed to different parts of the world including Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.  Each section, as you would expect, contains a selection of appropriately themed rides such as a splash boat ride, a handful of dark rides, simulators, kiddie areas and even a drop tower.  Several of the rides seem a bit like attempts at copying big North American rides, such as a Soarin' and Poseidon's Fury for instance. 

One of the park's ride's is Deep Space, a custom launched indoor coaster from Premier.  Looks pretty nice - you can see video of that here.  There's also a large Zamperla mine train-like coaster named the Gold Rush Express.

But as for the latest ride to open (it wasn't ready when the park opened in April) that's Nitro, which makes it the newest B&M on the books.  Nitro is a floorless ride with a layout that's quite similar to Batman The Dark Knight at Six Flags New England.  The ride stands 132 feet tall and features five inversions: a loop, dive loop, heartline roll and two corkscrews.

The video above shows the ride from start to finish, take note of the newer style of first drop that B&M is now using since the post-lift dip has been eliminated.  I like it!

This video, while pretty goofy, also shows off more of the ride and explains why they're asking if you're man enough!

To see more of the park you can explore their website here, and yes the Mr. India ride is for real!