Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another Look at Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom

After dropping new concept art and some details on the progress of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom this past weekend, Disney has also released a new video that was shown at the D23 Expo in Japan.

In the video there are some new shots of the world of Pandora, including another majestic view above.  I can't wait to see how those floating islands turn out in reality, the area looks to have such potential thematically.

This image was also included, and is a night version of one of the art pieces released Friday night.  As you can see the designers are going full force to have this area be spectacular at night.  The bioluminescent plants that have been created for the area are also shown in a quick clip in the movie, and are as beautiful as you would expect.

While no firm details on the rides the Avatar land will have were released in the movie, they do show a clip of what is clearly a simulator styled ride, above.  The folks in the clip are standing, but I have a feeling that's just a part of the design process.  Rumors are that this specific ride will use technology similar to Soarin', only improved.

Check out the post from Disney here, and the full video below.